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While Chinese hackers may be doing a sufficiently good job of ruining the game for everybody, and Fortnight builds in popularity, PUBG is still on of the hottest games on the market right now and one that I personally sink quite a bit of time into. It has it’s problems (hint: remove selling items on the market and you’ll fix the hacking issue), but all in all you’re never short of a game or 10 no matter if you’re playing solo, duo’s or squads.

In this list I thought I would share with you all my picks for where I like to drop on either of the maps, and why I would do such a thing! Pretty much all of the regular drop zones I use have now garnered a nickname or two by my regular running mates, so feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you’ve got other site nicknames you’d like to share or even some new drops that I should try out!

9. Prison Raid

Good For: Solo/Duo
Objective: Sneaky Kills

Dropping Prison (Erangel) is a moderately popular choice for people as it’s a big area with a good amount of loot, but a far less popular drop is the prison raid. Going on a prison raid means you’re dropping at the four houses (plus shack) that sit about two and a half clicks north-east of prison.

Your objective is to loot those houses as fast as you can (praying you find a decent weapon) and then hastily make your way to the eastern ridge line around prison, and then wait. The goal here is to unsuspectingly mow people down as they exit the prison compound which only has one way out; right in front of you. You get the high ground, cover, and a decent amount of camouflage up there. Not to mention the fact that almost nobody thinks to look up there because it’s a pretty random place to come from early in the match.

This tactic really only suits up to duo’s given you only get four houses (plus shack..) to loot, but has a definite upside that there’s next to no chance anyone will drop there with you, and if you don’t find anything good you can scamper off elsewhere without a high chance of being used for target practice.

8. Mine-Ass Generals

Good For: Duo/Squad
Objective: Gotta Drop Somewhere!

Minas Generales (Miramar) can be packed with loot and no bogies, or packed with assholes and no f@#%ing weapons… it’s really a craps chute each and every time you jump. One of those completely unpredictable landing places that’s usually used on impulse by teams that can’t decide where to drop, or the very few that plan a landing there; and that’s not many. It’s big and it’s open, and while there’s loot to be had you’ll be heavily exposed getting from building to building to find it all.

All that said, I do like dropping there, and by preference I hit the western sheds as you can easily go over the road to them mining rigs, or down the ridge to Graveyard if things are a bit hairy. There’s also a tad more cover there then there is over with the mining gear and towers and there’s not a big concern over high ground.

Minas Generales usually gives you an easy way to loot up hard and be very central for travel purposes. It’s also close proximity to what is essentially three small towns in one location, with high ground that allows you to see metropolitan hotspots Mansion and Stadium.

7. Yaz Police Station

Good For: Solo/Duo
Objective: Chicken Dinner

The YP cop shop ™ is that big 3 story building on the outskirts of Yasnaya Polyana (Erangel), and it’s got a lot of things going for it. Firstly if you hit the roof with an enemy, it’s not so big that you couldn’t run inside and find something to defend yourself, but don’t land on the south end of the roof if there’s nearby bogies or else you’re in for a bad time. Getting jammed up there leaves you with no escape as vaulting off the roof is going to hurt, a lot.

The building itself usually has at least one or two good guns and a stack of pistols, armour, throwables etc making it ideal for a small group. It’s also quite pokey and multi-layered (each floor has a half-level staircase with a solid wall separator) so in the event you get in a firefight there is plenty of cover to lean out from. The other bonus to dropping here is that once you hit the ground floor you can take the back door (alleyway) and vault over a wall to the east and loot the large 2-storey place and smaller sheds, avoiding the mess of darting between houses in town.

This outcrop of buildings will almost always give you and a teammate enough goodies to put up a fight, and there’s a decent chance of a vehicle spawn by the eastern garage or the northwest corner outside the police station. So if you’ve got to move a long way to the circle you’ve got a high chance of doing so all looted up, with wheels, without being shot.

6. Planning Room / Mansion

Good For: Duo/Squads
Objective: Wreck Some Ass

Known as ‘The Desert Mansion’, Hacienda del Patron (Miramar) is a certified hotspot on almost every drop due to its usually grand amounts of loot, and while I am purposely avoiding hotspots in this list (School, Hospital, Pecado Stadium, etc) I have included this one specifically for the tactic of The Planning Room.

Where and what is the planning room you say? Well let me tell you. It’s the second room in from the roller doors / garage at the north-east corner. The tactic here is to land at either the roller door, the courtyard archway, or the northern face of the Mansion and run directly into the planning room picking up a gun on your way. You’re team then clear it out and stay put while the chaos ensues around you until the corpses outnumber the gun-toters, and you can work on ambushing those left alive with the aim of claiming the entirety of Mansions loot for your very selves.

Why the planning room? Because it’s defensible. It has no dangerous exterior windows (I believe the only place in Mansion where that is true), and only two doors to be pushed from which are both rather easy to defend. Of course, some players have picked up on this tactic and actively storm the planning room with their own counter-tactics… but it still works as designed quite a lot of the time, unless you’re really unlucky with gun spawns.

5. Sixes

Good For: Anytime!
Objective: Shoot-out At Ten Paces

The sixes don’t have an official name in game, but on they label them as the Ridge Complex. There are ‘north sixes’ and ‘south sixes’, and they reside on the coastline north-west of the western bridge off of military island (Sosnovka Island). These houses are heavily favoured so there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll run into trouble.

Dropping sixes anytime is best done by selecting either North or South and having your whole team drop together. Chances are another squad (maybe 2!) will drop and rally around the furthest houses away from you, turning the match start into a desperate game of cat and mouse as up to 8 people duck and weave through 12 houses in an attempt to find weaponry and armour and then slaughter their opponents without being gunned down in the process.

There’s a good amount of loot to be had here and if you’re victorious in the initial skirmish then you’re in fine position for the rest of the map. There is easy exits in both directions to more buildings nearby, roads to look for vehicles, and a good chance you’ll be nearby the circle (cause let’s face it, it’s usually going to end on military… right?!).

4. Tunnels

Good For: Squads
Objective: Black Ops Search ‘n’ Destroy

I’ve never dropped in the Miramar tunnels and not found enough high-end loot for a squad. There, I said it! Now I’ll be proven wrong and that’s that, the streak had to come to an end eventually. But seriously though the tunnels are pretty well stocked and while they don’t provide any high ground (duh..), they can certainly give you an edge.

The tunnels (or mines..) are located just South of Los Leones and are made up of a number of deep tunnels laden with delicious loot, which also makes them low-key popular so take caution to check your six whenever you fly in. Assuming you land safe enough and win any initial struggle, from there you can walk North for a tactical sweep of the city where you’re coming in from a very unused and unwatched part of town.

Plenty of roads and literally the most densely populated area of the map should fill your transport needs and your coffers to the brim with the added advantage of coming at the circle from a ‘different’ position most of the time, as other area’s of this map draw much more attention then that south-eastern corner.

3. Classic / Ultimate

Good For: Anytime!
Objective: Middle-out

The Classic / Ultimate drop is located directly between School and Pochinki, and is also very close to being the dead center of the map which makes it (by statistical law) the best place to drop to travel the least.. Or something like that. Made up of two locations (Classic being the northern warehouse and buildings, while Ultimate is that southern grouping with a 3-storey building), this drop can be played multiple ways depending on the size of your team.

As a solo I would drop Ultimate to be cautious (less traffic) and Classic (warehouse) to try and get quick kills. As duo’s you should definitely stick to one site or the other, loot, and then move to the alternate one. And in squads it’s not a bad idea to go 2 per site in order to obtain all the loot quickly and evenly around the team – but obviously watch out for bogies, both locations are moderately popular.

It’s a short run to school, apartments, waterworld, or over the northern hill of Pochinki giving you lots of options to move to. Whether you want to hide and find more loot, or hunt down other battle-roaylers like the filthy dogs that they are. You can’t go wrong with a Classic / Ultimate drop.

2. Alex’s Roof

Good For: Squads
Objective: Pokey Treasure Hunts

More commonly referred to as Waterworld (or Water Town..), this pick makes my list for a number of reasons, and none of them are the fact that I or my squad(s) are good at this bloody area. More so that I enjoy dropping here and enjoy the situations that come up while playing here, despite getting trounced pretty hard every time we drop there. For reference, Alex’s roof is actually a very specific roof that Alex (surprise surprise) gravitates towards like mob bosses to steam rooms.

Personally I land at 3’s, the three double-story buildings in the south-west corner; but as I mentioned, I usually eat shit in doing so. Waterworld itself can be hit and miss for loot and it probably the most unique area of the game as a whole given it’s peculiar architecture and frustrating water levels that can make foes ridiculously hard to see.

All in all it’s a good place to drop that I feel compelled to get better at, and the huge amount of hiding places make it a good laugh to lean corners and pop a few rounds off across the way. As for map position it’s horrific with you’re options all being open runs and ruins… the only saving grace is Dacia Town, the few building north-east that have a super high percentage of a Dacia spawn to motor your way out of there and to somewhere half-decent.

1. Thrax’s Tool Sheds

Good For: Anytime!
Objective: World Domination / John Wilkes Booth Simulator

My utmost favourite drop zone in PUBG is one we’ve coined thrax’s Tool Sheds, and they (there’s two of them) reside on the West side of San Martin… see those two large yellow blocks to the left of the ‘S’? Yeah, them. 9/10 these two sheds are full loaded with goodies, enough for 2 people per shed to arm themselves ready to take on the enemy.

There’s a golden rule when dropping at thrax’s tool sheds, and that is “if there’s bogies, don’t land on the roof!”. The good stuff is always inside, and landing on the roof wastes valuable time for minimal reward as you’re only likely to find a Win94 or a Shotgun (if anything) while your adversary runs in any of the 5 entrances and picks up something better. If someone’s close to you just hit the ground and get inside, and whatever you do, don’t forget to loot the second level which is only accessible via climbing up the stacks of boxes.

While they’re not amazingly positioned, you rarely have too much of an issue running to the south apartments of San Martin, and in a worse-case scenario you can go north up the hill to the industrial complex / plane crash, or West to the next cross-roads in a crisis. Once the heat has died down you can easily stroll into San Martin proper giving you access to a big city in the maps center with lots of tall buildings and windows to play assassin at short, medium, or 8x range.