Hey everyone,

It’s been a pretty hectic last couple of weeks for me and the team! With babies being born, houses getting built etc.

We love what we do here, we don’t do it for money or fame, but just as an outlet where we can talk videos games like mates in a pub.

So with everything going on we are having a bit of a break for the next 4 weeks. Just to recoup, re-engague and get back into making GOM the kick ass podcast it should be!

So keep in touch! We have a lot planned this year and can’t wait to take you on our journey.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!

– Loz

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thrax is your classic nintendo fanboy. Like all fanboys he has a stupid amount of consoles and games collecting dust because of reasons. He has a shrine decicated to his hero, Link, that is kept locked away in a private crypt behind 8 layers of kryptonite infused steel… and still continually needs vacuuming. Nontheless he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to everything retro and is always making ground breaking jokes that no one (i.e. Loz) gets.