Do you love looking through crowdfunding projects for the next big hit?
So do we!
We’re back for our second Kickstarter episode where we try and pick project that are going to go the distance.

Showus, Loz, and thrax go head to head again as our stark contrast in gaming preferences shine bright in this slag-fest episode of GameOverMan.

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Round 1
Loz – Nebular – Sole Survivor
Thrax – Machiavillain
Showus – Server Tycoon

Round 2
Loz – Overload
Thrax – The Legend Of Herod
Showus – First Person Tennis

Round 3
Loz – A-Gents
Thrax – Lancelots Hangover
Showus – Geeks And Gamers Dating Site

Honorable Mentions:
Loz – The Name Of God
Thrax – Roni
Showus: Laser Kittens