The amazing indie-game team over at PD Design Studio have a vision. A vision to take one of the greatest games of all time, and remake it… remodel it… re-imagine it into something else. Something different, yet not better or worse… something fun and vibrant, new… yet using a well-known concept, characters, levels, and magic system. They imagine the great Final Fantasy VII – as a beat’em up!

This small but highly-skilled studio from Singapore have gone and built a (somewhat) working playable demo of their outrageously brilliant idea to fuse the most prolific Final Fantasy title to date with the likes of Streets of Rage. The result? An absolute masterpiece in the making!

Nevermind the clunky menu and bugs in movement that randomly arise, that’s just a few small details… this game is fun and oh so well done. The models and music are perfect, the gameplay is fun and easy, and the damage balance and difficulty is right on the money. They’ve put some careful thought into how to introduce certain game elements and balance them correctly, and for a single stage demo I think they’ve gotten it near-perfect.

Look out for a play-through video coming soon, and in the mean time head over to the project website and to check out the teaser trailer and download yourself a copy of the demo – and follow the team on social media! No doubt the more people they get expressing their support, the more chance we’ll have of them actually completing the game.


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