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J-PLAYS – Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – 1

Welcome to the first of our fortnightly game-play series, starring new guy Jason (remember him?). This week Jason steps into the arena that is Call...



Radical Heights Banner

Not A Review: Radical Heights

As I'm sure anyone reading my content has worked out by now, I like this 'new' genre of battle royale games, and I like...
Sea of Thieves

Overly Opinionated: Sea Of Thieves

While I unfortunately can't sit around earning a living off playing and reviewing video games, I am fortunate enough to get a few hours...

Thrax Picks: Games I Can’t Stop Replaying

Great games are often defined not by how realistic they look, or how many hours it takes to finish them but more so by...
PUBG Vs Fortnite Banner

Overly Opinionated: Fortnite Vs PUBG

Having clocked right around 300 hours game time in PUBG one might say that I do genuinely enjoy the game, but over the last...
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Thrax Picks: Classic Valve Gaming Moments

I've been a gamer for a long time now, and honestly I don't remember anyone really complaining about bugs in games until technology gave...