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GOM PLAYS – Overcooked (XB1)

We made a thing! Come watch us try and out cook each other in the most fun and intense cooking game since Pressure Cooker!



Valve Logo Original

Thrax Picks: Classic Valve Gaming Moments

I've been a gamer for a long time now, and honestly I don't remember anyone really complaining about bugs in games until technology gave...
Ducktales Remastered

Thrax Picks: NES Games That Should Be Remade

The video game business is reaching new heights year after year, and let's face it.. For every record breaking game and indie mega hit,...
Golf Story

Not A Review: Golf Story (Switch)

I recently decided to pick up (or rather, download) Golf Story for the Switch after seeing numerous glowing reviews of the game and finding...
PUBG Banner

Thrax Picks: PUBG Drop Zones

While Chinese hackers may be doing a sufficiently good job of ruining the game for everybody, and Fortnight builds in popularity, PUBG is still...
Diablo Coop

Thrax Picks: Best Co-Op Games

Looking for games that you can play with a good group of friends or a loved one, and really get stuck into and enjoy?...